A Pfizer agora diz que sua vacina Covid-19 é segura, 95% eficaz

ADVN - Pfizer and BioNTech today revealed they can prove their coronavirus vaccine is safe, up to 95 per cent effective at preventing Covid-19 and effective in elderly people, who are most at risk of severe Covid-19.

Their announcement comes just days after rival firm Moderna claimed its own jab was 94.5 per cent effective, and is an improvement on Pfizer's early estimate that the vaccine was 90 per cent effective.

Pfizer made the newest claim about its vaccine in a statement confirming the third stage of the trial has now been running for long enough that it can submit the required two months' worth of safety data to regulators, and that it would do so in the US and UK 'within days'.

Britain has already pre-ordered 40million doses of the vaccine and could be set to get 10m of those next month, with the NHS gearing up to start a major Army-backed operation to deliver it from as soon as December 1.

UK drug regulator the MHRA has been doing a 'rolling review' of the vaccine and could, as a result, complete the approval process within days of receiving the company's application.

Final trial results showed that only eight people out more than 20,000 who got the vaccine caught coronavirus in the study, compared to 162 who were given a fake jab. A total of 10 people got severe Covid-19, one of whom had been given the real vaccine.

An independent safety committee 'has not reported any serious safety concerns related to the vaccine' since the final stage trial began in July, Pfizer said. Side effects were limited – the most common was fatigue, which 3.8 per cent of people got, and headaches (2 per cent). The company said side effects were less common in older people and insisted that the vaccine works just as well for over-65s, who are known to be most vulnerable to the disease.

Questions were raised when Moderna announced its results on Monday about whether the UK had hitched its wagon to the wrong project, ordering 40m doses of Pfizer's jab – then thought to be 90 per cent effective – but none of Moderna's.

The updated data from Pfizer and BioNTech should reassure critics but the Government still faces the mammoth task of transporting and storing the jab, which may need expensive specialist freezers and huge supplies of dry ice to keep it at the required -70°C (-94°F). Moderna's, meanwhile could be kept in normal fridges and freezers at between -20°C (-4°F) and 8°C (46°F).

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